This is where you find pictures of some of my works. This album portray Montages*, The street art"Goa Gubbar" roughly translated in to the good guys, kind clay men that overtake the public space in order to make people think different for at least a second.
FontArt, art made from various fonts, this is the most commercial line of Viktor Byhrs art, appering both in gallerys and as patterns used by designers of various kinds.

*All Montage-works are mixed media, with texts in both Swedish and English. The series CTYBRDS is included in the montage series. The trash used is collected from streets all over the world. What otherS discard Viktor gives new life and meaning.

Custom made for the SAAB independence day 60x80x8 CM width, height, depth. 

montage with trade mark figure. The tiny female are made from cast, steel wire, cloth, and spray paint. work with frame: 30x40x8 CM width, height, depth. 

texts of various sizes and topics is a common part of the art

CITY BIRDS, inspired by the female birds of the city.

                                                          60x80x8 CM width, height, depth.
(caged birds are 20-25 cm deep)