tisdag 31 maj 2011

What a day

After spending close to four hours in the woods with Etna I ate a quick sushi before meeting Shai at ArtSpace+Us. We hung out at the Gallery for a while before hitting the streets. I'm kinda eager to get my pasting on so this was a day of learning. And looking out for art haters of course.
We hit up a couple of cool spots, me having skated the shit out of this town for 15yrs really helped as I truly know the streets of Gothenburg better than I know my penis.
A girl tore one of the pastes imidiatley and even thou thats the
backside of streetArt it hurt my heart.

After our non existing tears dryed we found a way arround the citys zero-tolerance BS. We met up with Martin(?) this dope german artist that had gotten permision from a cool construction site-boss, to paint the wood surrounding his site. The rules were simple, no spraycans were aloud. Martin,Ekta and Ollio all worked/had worked with Akryl/house paint and we pasted so it was all good.
I just love people like that construction guy. Alot of people stopped and gave compliments and smiled at the nice work.
Wich is the way we want it, and it's also a great reson to quit the zero tolerance-crap Gothenburgs politicians love so much.

Martins work in the making. Ekta and Ollios amazing work in the background.

Dalahorse in the making. Shai loves Sweden and shows it throug a tribute to out loved Dala-horse.

Now I sit and create tiny dudes like theres no tomorrow...but there sure is. Because tomorrow I'll hit the streets again. Konsten skall vara tillgänglig för alla!

Konstnär Viktor Byhr